On the Dressform – Part 1

Of late, I have been obsessed with Bootstrap Fashion custom patterns. I was perusing their pattern selection when I came across this little “diddy”, pattern #45219 Custom-Fit Sewing Patterns – Dress With Front Pleat. The description says ‘with front pleat’ but I must have you know, that there ain’t no front pleat. I repeat there isn’t a front pleat. The lower front dress is cut from a contrasting color then two panels consisting of asymmetrical front edges are overlaid on top of the contrasted lower half, and Wella! The construction of the dress was quite run-of-the-mill type of stuff. But when I got to the side bust darts…, they were curved for goodness sake, like a moon crescent or a bitten cookie. I figured this was some sort of pseudo french dart.. bust dart? thingy?

I love this dress. I received many compliments when I wore it. The fabric was 100% cotton, white with gold yarns woven in and the contrast was grey with gold yarns. The effect was a subtle sparkle that elevated the garment to a more semi-formal visual. The neckline sat perfectly, the sleeves were long enough to hide my plus size arms but short enough to still look adorable. I do drool over empire waistlines and A-line shapes as they create a most desired silhouette for my short-waisted torso. I used Heat ‘n Bond on all hems as I didn’t want any stitch show through. This made for a very clean finish.

Here are cons of this pattern (these are personal to me, yours maybe different):

  • I had to lengthen the dress by 6″, it was too short for me.
  • You will have to modify the height of the back vent. Whether you leave as is or lengthen, the slit goes way up to high (you may feel a draft).
  • Cut out the curve darts then add seam allowances to be able to sew them together.

I will make this dress again in crepe back satin, maybe black or red, yummy.

Bootstrap Fashion design 45219

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I have been sewing for 25 years. I enjoy creating beautiful garments from good quality materials. Interacting with my clients and helping them create the best possible design with fabulous fit is a very gratifying experience. Women's and children's custom clothing and accessories can be designed per client's request.

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